In 1993-94, Dave McWethy traveled on the roads in a wagon from New York to Montana pulled by three Fjords, covering just over 3,000 miles. He traveled through all weathers, including the coldest winter,and the driest summer, and everything in between, pulling a wagon that weighed 2850 pounds. There isn't a tougher test for a harness.

RESULTS: The harness NEVER failed!

Dave learned the value of synthetics, but made some changes to create a unique harness that was attractive and functional.

Since 1994, this harness has been used by people from California to Maine, including myself, in singles to four-in-hand, carriage and draft, for pleasure, commercial use and competition.

Gloria Austin, judging CDE presentation, said "Very nice harness!"

By the way, the original Biothane® harness still has a lot of life in it. Dave uses it at home regularly.

2005 was a year of change for Dave.  It found him selling his long time home in New Hampshire and moving cross country with his wife Pam to Washington State to live near their daughters.  Dave also returned to a passion of his youth by purchasing a boat.  These changes lead him to the decision to pass on Camptown Harness to someone that could devote more time to the business.  Marjean McIntyre had met Dave on his cross country trip, and they had maintained a friendship through the years.  In fact Marjean had referred Dave to the first harnessmaker he used !  Marjean's children had just left home and she was looking for a new endeavor and since she is an active competitor with a background in sales that has always had a very strong interest in harness and driving equipment, it was a perfect fit.  Marjean purchased Camptown Harness from Dave in March of 2006.  Dave stays in touch with Marjean and continues to provide input when needed. 

For those that are curious, the black horse in the photos is Marjean's current horse, Finally Found Him AKA Durawnda's Riccardo, a registered morgan, bred in Canada. He was purchased from Enos Yoder, an Amish horse trainer that has supplied CDE competitors from coast to coast with horses of outstanding quality.  If you would like one of your own, you may leave Enos a message at  641-664-0201